Zoom Multi-Party Video Calling

It’s easy for GrandPad® users to join family calls, celebrations like weddings and birthdays, webinars, community events, and alike—from anywhere.
GrandPad has customized the experience so that your loved one can easily participate in meetings and be confident when connecting over video.

Connecting Is No Problem

To join a Zoom video call, do the following:

Zoom video call invite shown in the Email app


Open the Email app and locate the email that contains the Zoom meeting invite sent by a contact. Tap "Read message" to open the email.

Opened email with button to join the Zoom video meeting.


Tap the large “Join Meeting” button and confirm entry.


That's it, you're in!
Tap the right arrow to see more participants in the grid view. Tap the left arrow all the way to return to the active speaker in full screen. 

Open a Chat Window

The chat feature allows participants to type messages during meetings. The GrandPad user can read the message as it's being typed on the GrandPad screen, then respond verbally as usual. This is incredibly helpful for seniors with impaired hearing, allowing them to read and confirm important details being communicated over the call, such as the time and date of an appointment.

Improve the Meeting Quality

When lots of participants join a meeting, audio interference can occur.
To help alleviate background noise:

Manual Zoom Meeting ID Entry 

Optionally, if you are provided a meeting ID you can enter it from the Zoom Video Call app. Tap "Join Video Call" after entering the meeting ID. Some meetings may additionally require a password to join.

Manual Zoom meeting ID entry keypad.