Tune into your favorite AM/FM music, talk, and sports stations from anywhere. Simply tap a large station button to start listening — that’s it. GrandPad’s® simple controls make it easy to listen, adjust the volume, and browse their stations. The radio station buttons are easily managed by the family administrator using GrandPad Central. Include a GrandPad user's favorite local or international stations for a personalized listening experience.

Radio Station Preset Selector
Active Radio Station

Managing Radio Stations

Radio stations can easily be added, removed, or hidden on the GrandPad tablet by the family administrator via GrandPad Central on desktop or by using the GrandPad app on a smartphone. The GrandPad user can press the Help button on their GrandPad to connect with a Member Experience agent for help as well.

  • Search thousands of stations by name/frequency or region
  • Provides station information (when available) — great for exploring new types of listening
Radio Management via GrandPad Central
Radio Management via GrandPad Central
Have you heard of our GrandPad radio station? Listen here.

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