Share and Save Photos and Videos

Stay connected to your entire private family network by taking and sharing photos and videos. You and your loved ones can easily snap, share, and save images and video, creating beautiful family albums that last a lifetime.

Need help with photos? Take a look at our How-To guides below:

Create Family Photo Feeds and Albums

Photos album view


Choose an album to view images and videos, simply tap to select an album. Tap Start Slideshow to see a carousel of all images.

Photos timeline view


View photos by tapping on a photo or video. Tap Browse by Date to view photos shared during a specific month or year.

Photos detail view


Share in the memories by selecting an image and recording a voice comment. These special memories will be available to anyone in your private family network.

Opt to see All Photos shared within your private family network, or tap Add to Favorites to include images and videos in your “favorites” album. Users can update favorites at any time — and all photos and videos are always visible in the All Photos view.

Organize Your Favorites

Photos album selector screen

Watch Any Video, Any Time

Within your albums, you can easily watch and share videos anytime. Swipe or tap the navigation arrow to scroll through photos and videos, then tap Play Video or the Play button to watch a video. Then, when you’re ready to return to your albums, tap Back to Photo Albums.

Photos album timeline screen

Create a Dynamic Digital Frame

In full screen mode, your GrandPad becomes a dynamic digital photo frame. Simply click “Start Slideshow” and your device instantly creates an image carousel that automatically scrolls through images. This is an ideal option while charging your GrandPad — keep the protective cover open and, after a few minutes, photos will begin scrolling.

GrandPad as a digital photo frame

Commenting and Connecting

While viewing a photo or video, tap “Leave a Comment” to speak or type a message, share a favorite story, or add color to a special memory or moment in time. Anyone within your private family network can leave text comments on photos and videos using the free companion app.

Photos picture comment view on  the GrandPad tablet from the companion app.

Browse and Sort by Date

Want to view photos or videos from a holiday, celebration, family getaway, or other special day? Tap “Browse by Date” in the upper right corner and choose the month and year you’d like to view. You’ll instantly see photos and videos from that date and can scroll, leave comments, share, and more.

Photos browse by date screen

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