When you choose the GrandPad for your parents or grandparents you’re choosing a safe and secure tablet that provides the thrill of connection without the hassle of complication. Our tablet is designed to protect the privacy of your loved one. The GrandPad’s reliance on GrandPad Central and the Companion App guarantee that a senior’s Internet security is never in doubt.

A GrandPad user can only receive incoming calls, video chats, or emails from a list of approved contacts. When you first set up the GrandPad for your loved one you will be able to easily add contact information for their family members and friends. To add additional contacts, simply log on to GrandPad Central or the GrandPad Companion mobile app at any time. Here, you can modify and update contact information so the GrandPad user is always able to communicate with those they love.

This perk of the GrandPad makes checking emails for seniors a complete breeze. All formatting is streamlined to make text easy to read. Photos you attach to emails are automatically sent to the Photos app for immediate viewing. Users of a GrandPad will never receive a spam email. Simplify email and empower seniors to communicate with ease when you purchase a GrandPad.

Seniors can easily check the weather, play games, and watch music videos with the functionality built into the GrandPad. A web browser is not needed or missed on our tablet. Give seniors the tools they need to thrive without the clutter and confusion a web browser can bring.

With the GrandPad approach, Internet safety for seniors is always a top priority. Our tablet protects the personal information of seniors by blocking access from unknown third parties. Your loved ones can use the tablet to their heart’s content without fretting about stolen information, lost data, or technical jargon. What are you waiting for? Connect seniors to the digital world with the safety and security of a GrandPad.